Paper Rose Bouquet

I’ve never been into thee idea of getting flowers from loved ones. It seems odd to me, like “Here, I killed this plant so you can look at it for 2 days then throw it away”. I’ve also never been much of a girly girl,  so when it came to my bouquets, I decided to go with paper. I bought some music sheets, scrapbooking paper with a nice script, and some maps, with a few solid colours for details.

I’ve been making the paper roses for my bouquet with 3″ squares. It might be quicker if you do 4″ squares for your bouquets, but I like the 3″ the best.


Just fold them in half, then in half again, then in half again.


then hold the fold to the left, cut the petal shape.


Then cut the tip off to make the inner holes.


You need three of these for 1 rose


Cut out one petal on one, 2 petals on one, 3 petals on the last one.


Use glue to twirl the 1 petal into a twist.


Glue the rest together by slightly overlapping the bottoms of the petals. I use a pencil to hold them together for the 2 and 3 petal ones.


The biggest one it’s kind of easier to just fully overlap one petal over another.


Then you just curl the edges of each petal with your fingers or using the pencil.


Glue them all into a stack and let it sit for a while.


Using floral wire, make the twirly bit of wire to stick inside it. I put the end between the scissor blades and twirled around one blade of the scissors. I can’t remember the gauge of wire I used but if yours is too flimsy you can just double it over.


Then just stick it through, and make the bend behind the flower to keep it from falling down the wire.


And then put them all together! :)


I looked everywhere for instructions on how to actually assemble an origami bouquet, and couldn’t find any. I ended up just taking a handful of the base flowers, and pushing, pulling, and slightly bend the wires until it formed an even shape, then poked the blue accent flowers in between. I wrapped more wire around to keep all the wires together, then a layer of floral tape. You can then hot glue on whatever colour ribbon you like. I didn’t put ribbon on mine as the hand grip was small and wouldn’t be seen anyway.

Ceremony- Lacey & Vinod (157)

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